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Teach Do

Learning apps for Teachers and Students in the classroom.

Welcome to TeachDo! Children’s media can be a transformative learning experience for youth. TeachDo believes that in our day and age media technology are tools that can give a voice to students, bridge cultures and encourage a perspective that can transform the way students see our world.

TeachDo apps are an endeavor in shaping an educational experience. Our goal is to produce apps that SUPPORT the learning experience and assist a teacher in engaging their students and meeting their unique learning needs.

Learning Modules

Our learning content is based on specific curriculum objectives; teachers can integrate into their classroom with the confidence that they will be effectively meeting learning goals for their students. This means using the learning modules is not merely a surplus or “keep busy” activity for a few students but becomes a fundamental part of a teacher’s lesson plan and serves to engage all students with different learning needs.

Based on general findings of neurological research in the field of Education and feedback from Teacher Roundtable discussion groups, TeachDo learning modules contain material that meets the needs of the following types of Learners:

  • Visual (learn by seeing graphics, diagrams, colour codes, and drawing)
  • Kinesthetic (learn by coordinating movement or tactile activity)
  • Text-based (learn by absorbing text based information, writing)
  • Auditory (learn by listening, follow and give directions aurally)


TeachDo works regularly with classroom teachers to learn about what resources would be useful and how a teacher might use them. We trust that teachers design their curriculum to meet their unique needs. This is why we have created a ‘shopping cart’ of resources, so that a teacher can use as much or as little of it as they see fit. There are four main areas of each app.

Interactive Game

All our games are designed to be extremely simple. They provide an interactive opportunity for students to investigate and explore a curriculum topic.

Curriculum Resources

In this area we provide resources that will assist in planning a lesson plan including hands-on activities, handouts and background information about the topic.

Class Clips

A series of short videos to demonstrate a learning objective, each clip is between 20 seconds – 5 minutes long.

Image Library

Images that demonstrate curriculum components and are approved for use in the classroom. They may be useful to print and post on a bulletin board or use on a device you use as a teaching tool from computers to Smart boards to iPads.

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