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The Wedding Planners

When Paige, James and Hannah Clarkson inherit their mother’s wedding business, they quickly become passionate about the most important day of a couple’s life, planning beautiful, one-of-a-kind weddings. The three siblings reconnect after their mother’s passing, grieving at her funeral, which of course, she planned herself prior to her death. While navigating their complicated personal relationships, Paige, James and Hannah commit to honouring Marguerite’s legacy by fulfilling her elaborate wedding plans, one gorgeous party at a time. Family drama blends with stressful dress fittings, high maintenance parents, disastrous centrepieces and the sparkle of wedding day emotions. All for love and love for all!

Instagram: @theweddingplanners_tv
Facebook: The Wedding Planners TV
Twitter: @twp_tv

Length: 1 x 90 Minutes and 6 x 45 Minutes
Genre: Drama Romance
Type: Series